Parideaza farm – 10 acres of bliss, just a couple of miles North of Wamego, KS.

We grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, raise sheep for wool and meat, and chickens, primarily for eggs.

The word “Parideza” is an ancient Persian word for “apple orchard,” and also means “walled garden.” It is also the root word for the English word “paradise.”

Our methods are organic for everything except the sheep, which are free-range, mostly grass-fed, and “near organic.” The pasture, grain, and all of our fruits and vegetables are 100% organic. We don’t certify with an agency due to the high cost compared to our total sales. Since we are a small farm, we fall in the USDA “small farm exemption” category.

If you’d like to order from us, create an account, and then feel free to use the “market” page to place an order. We’ll email you to confirm that we got your order, and arrange delivery or pick-up until we start having regular market hours.

If you’d like to get periodic updates (weekly or less) about the farm and item availability, email us at

Hope to see you soon. Rhonda and Raad

p.s. this photo is from last summer, with the garden in the foreground and the sheep and pasture in the background.

Here is a sample of our market table from last year.